Warm Valley Lodge is now openWarm Valley Lodge, the newest Wyoming assisted living facility has received high praise.

Resident claims his new home in Dubois is like the Taj Mahal

Recently, one of our lovely residents, Harold Goodell wrote this to the Frontier

“Dear Editor,

Although not built of marble, Dubois now has its own Taj Mahal.

Having observed its construction in what may be record time for such a detailed and regulated public facility, I’m fortunate to be, perhaps, the first Resident of the Warm Valley Lodge.

The transition of a large, typical sawmill site to a quiet, scenic assisted living home has been achieved by the vision and determined negotiations and planning of a few people, and made possible by the contributions of private funds.

But to allay the concerns of a few about its altitude, one will find many living at this elevation and higher, who are still active at 80 and 90 years of age.

I came here more than 40 years ago from living at sea level, and now approaching my 95th birthday. I’ve seen enough to believe Warm Valley Lodge can honestly boast of being just a little closer to heaven.”

Harold Goodell


Thank you Harold!

We are so pleased that you love your new home here at Warm Valley Lodge