Warm Valley Lodge: Assisted living as it should be

Assisted Living • Life Celebrated • Independence Respected
A NOTICE ABOUT COVID: As everywhere else, the current pandemic has led to restrictions on our normal activities. With vigilance and consistent adherence to sound policies, we have completely protected our residents from infection. However, some of the activities described below are available only under limited circumstances, because of state and federal guidelines for long-term care facilities. The vaccine has now been made available to visitors and staff, so Warm Valley Lodge has revised visitation policies, which are now less restrictive, particularly for residents and visitors who are fully vaccinated.

The Peace and Comfort You Deserve

Warm Valley Lodge is the realized dream of citizens who wanted to provide a place for their elder neighbors to live well — a new home for the time when managing their own home was no longer an option.

We are committed to providing both aging individuals and their caring families (and others who need short-term assistance during a particularly challenging time) with a safe and highly satisfactory environment for independent, but assisted, living.

The Lodge is independently owned, locally managed, and nonprofit.

We offer: 

  • three excellent meals a day
  • 24/7 snacks
  • laundry service
  • housekeeping
  • medication management
  • regular engaging activities
  • easy access to outdoor exercise
  • beautiful mountain views
  • regular visits to our property by deer, elk, geese and other waterfowl, and even sometimes bighorn sheep

Mountain Beauty All Around

Located right along the Wind River, 80 miles from Jackson and the entrance to Yellowstone, Park, Warm Valley Lodge offers many opportunities for recreation, community involvement, or just the enjoyment of peaceful solitude for those of us who call Dubois home.

The community features:

  • a public golf course,
  • the new National Military Vehicle Museum
  • art galleries
  • National Bighorn Sheep Center
  • a fantastic local museum with historical items from the days of logging and tie-hacks, Sheep Eater native Americans, petroglyphs, pioneers and cattlemen.

There are shops and restaurants, the Headwaters Convention Center (which hosts annual national art and quilt shows), an active Senior Center, and a city park on the river with tennis courts, baseball field and beautiful river walk.

The mesa that overlooks Dubois is the jumping off point for our mountain bike trail, offering panoramic views of the mountains and badlands that surround the town. We are eighty miles from any other town or city, with thousands of acres of nature to explore and abundant wildlife to enjoy.

Our backyard is on the river. There are paved walking paths lined with willows which leads you to “Pete’s Pond” where you can sit and enjoy the waterfowl or go fishing.

Why Choose Warm Valley Lodge?

We are a small facility with 25 beds, with a family atmosphere and one or two bedroom units each for one or two people. We also have furnished respite rooms for “short stays” while recovering from surgery, for medically qualifying non-residents.

“Short stay” guests add to our community and receive the same services as residents. The “short stay” rooms can also be used for a “test run” for those who want to try assisted living before they commit to residency.

The staff are all members of our local community who care for Warm Valley’s residents as if they were their own family members.

We do accept Medicaid residents if applicants have already signed up with Medicaid before applying to Warm Valley Lodge.

What Goes On Here?

We have two medical clinics in town, a volunteer fire department, EMTs, ambulance service and two Flight for Life services. We are right next door to a medical clinic, a physical therapy group, and a fitness center. Town is less than a mile away – a good walk or bicycle ride for the physically fit.

Our in-house activities are more passive than a workout at the gym, but certified instructor comes three days a week with a senior program of exercise.

We look forward to returning as soon as possible to our regular activities, which include a Friday night Happy Hour, open to the public and often hosted by organizations, businesses and individuals within Dubois.

We like to play bingo every Tuesday afternoon to which the public is invited. We also encourage residents to participate in organizations and events in Dubois when this becomes possible. 

You may have your own vehicle here. If you have had to stop driving, we have a senior bus which will pick you up at the door. We also have a facility car to take you to appointments in town. 

The many churches in town welcome newcomers. We have two church groups who hold services in-house on Sunday and one Bible Study during the week.

How To Get Started

To become a resident at Warm Valley Lodge, you must qualify for ‘living assisted”, which means you need assistance with maintaining daily living tasks and/or need stand-by assistance for personal care or management of medications.


If a small, peaceful, remote, Western town in a breathtaking mountain setting is where you dream of retiring (or confidently relocating a loved one to a safe, pleasant new home),  please email us at warmvalleylodge@wyoming.com. Or you may call us at 307-455-2645