Warm Valley Lodge: Assisted living as it should be

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Warm Valley Lodge is proud of its record during the pandemic crisis; to date, no resident has been diagnosed with the illness caused by the COVID-19 virus, unlike many other long-term care facilities around the county, state, and country.

Visitation procedures were revised in March 2021 in light of updated guidance from state and federal governments as well as the availability of COVID-19 vaccination for all residents and staff. Warm Valley Lodge strives to protect residents while also recognizing the value visitors bring to residents and their loved ones. 

The number of visitors at any one time is limited, so prospective visitors must reserve in advance.

Visitors must be screened upon arrival for symptoms and any history of close contact with anyone else who has had COVID-19 in the past 14 days, and are required to wash their hands or use alcohol-based sanitizer and wear face coverings upon entry. Vaccinated visitors may wear a surgical mask. Non-vaccinated visitors must wear a KN95 mask.

Because the visitation rules are less restrictive in the case of vaccination, visitors will also be asked about their vaccination status. Proof of vaccination completed at least two weeks prior to the visit (e.g. vaccination card or official digital medical record) is required in order for a visitor to be considered vaccinated.

Residents who are fully vaccinated may receive vaccinated visitors in their own rooms, without staff present, and masks may be removed during such visits, during which close contact will be allowed.

All other visits will take place in the Visitation Room (which will be cleaned afterwards by federally mandated standards). Outdoor visits are encouraged when weather permits.

For visits in which either (a) the resident is vaccinated but one or more of his or her visitors is not, or (b) all visitors are vaccinated but the resident is not,  all participants are required to wear masks, and except for brief close contact such as hugs, social distancing must be maintained.

If both the resident and at least one of the visitors is not vaccinated, to protect the health of the resident, strict social distancing and masking must be maintained.

On a case by case basis, the facility will consider requests for compassionate visits, including end of life. 

Beyond visits to Warm Valley Lodge from non-residents, we will also consider individual requests from vaccinated residents to take drives outside the facility or to visit persons who can show proof of vaccination prior to the planned outing.

For entry policies regarding service providers such as barbers and outside health-care personnel such as podiatrists and pastoral counselors, click here.