Realizing a loved one needs more care than can be provided at home can be extremely emotional and stressful for families. Frequent falls, injury and mobility challenges and difficulties with activities of daily living can indicate that it is no longer safe for an individual to live alone. Starting a conversation with a loved one about moving into an assisted living community is rarely an easy one for families. With some planning, research, and sensitivity towards the process the conversation can become easier. Families might need to have the conversation more than once.

Don’t procrastinate: Having the tough conversation will allow you time to do the research on which assisted living community would be the best fit for your loved one.

Stay positive: Assisted living communities are full of happy active and social individuals who love the benefit of living in a low maintenance, stress free and safe environment with many activities and opportunities to meet and socialize with peers.

Show empathy: Respect your loved one’s feelings and listen to them. Hear their concerns and understand they may be upset, scared or even angry. Reiterate that an assisted living community will help them maintain their independence, not lose it.