Warm Valley Lodge: Assisted living as it should be

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Barbering and cosmetology services may be provided to residents under the following conditions:

  • The barber or cosmetologist must be screened for symptoms of COVID-10 or exposure to an individual with COVID-19 within the last 14 days prior to providing services. Any individual with symptoms or exposure within the last 14 days must not be allowed to provide service.
  • The resident must wear a medical mask at all times while receiving service, unless medically contraindicated.
  • The barber or cosmetologist must wear a KN95 mask while providing service or while within six (6) feet of other individuals; eye protection such as a face shield or goggles is also recommended.
  • Equipment and surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized between each resident.
  • The barber or cosmetologist must perform hand hygiene before and after contact with each resident, and residents must perform hand hygiene prior to and after receiving services.
  • The barber or cosmetologist may only be allowed in locations within the facility where they are providing services.
  • Services should be performed in areas that are well-ventilated.

Other Health Care Providers and Essential Staff: (Hearing Aid Professionals, Nurse Practitioners, Podiatrists, Pastoral Counselors) 

  • All essential Health Care Providers must be screened with the inquiry as to vaccination status upon entrance as all visitors to the facility.
  • All other precautions including: hand hygiene, masking, appropriate PPE, and social distancing as with all visitors will be maintained as with fully vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors as outlined.
  • KN95 masks must be worn by all providers.
  • Scrupulous hand hygiene and equipment cleaning will be required between individual resident visits and at the completion of the facility services.