East Meets West: An Author finds Respite Care in Dubois

From the “upper east side” to a small western town, author Jonathon Lazear arrived at Warm Valley Lodge Assisted Living this past summer, for short-term care, known as respite care. Jonathon moved out west from New York in 2013 to reconnect with family living in Lander.

He had written books such as Come on Get Happy; 365 Ways to Feel Good, Remembrance of Father: Words to Heal the Heart and The Man who Mistook His Job for a Life to mention a few. As Jonathon’s health declined, and after a hospital stay his son’s Michael and Ross searched the web for a place where he could rest, get care and recuperate. His sons were initially drawn to Warm Valley Lodge’s webpage, made a connection with our staff, and a special relationship followed.

Fall River View at Warm Valley Lodge

Fall River View at Warm Valley Lodge. Jonathon was touched by the warmth of the community

Jonathon was an enchanting addition to our community. He offered insights in thoughtful ways and stirred up interesting conversations which touched everyone he came in contact with. He brought joy to those around him and he was caring and engaging with the Warm Valley Lodge community.

Jonathon marveled at the western way of life, where there are guns in the racks of pick-up trucks and most people do not lock their homes. Jonathon was touched by the warmth of the community and thrilled with the spectacular mountain views that surrounded him. He was delighted that you could square dance, go to a rodeo and eat sushi on Main Street in this small western town.

Respite Care, Short Terms Stays and more

Warm Valley Lodge offers Respite Care

It was our privilege to get to know him during his stay at Warm Valley Lodge and we should never underestimate the profound impact one person can have. Jonathon was especially touched by the western hospitality and compassionate care he received at Warm Valley Lodge.

Often people hear the words “assisted living facility,” and think elderly or permanent home, but Warm Valley Lodge isn’t relegated solely into those categories.

Not only is Warm Valley Lodge open to anyone at least 18 years old needing some daily help, stays can be short-term for a variety of reasons including allowing people to recover from surgeries, accidents, illness or a family caregiver needs to travel or needs the opportunity to “recharge their batteries”.

Short-term residents receive the same care and services from licensed providers as full-time residents. That includes medical care and the security in knowing help is on site, without sacrificing independence. Guests receiving this short-term care, stay in a furnished and spacious studio with large windows, their pet is welcome if they have one, and privacy is always respected.

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