Losing independence is one of our greatest fears because our independence and autonomy enhance our well being. Living alone can quickly become difficult or dangerous leading to being homebound with limited social interaction with others. People are unable to do the things that were once enjoyed due to declining health, frequent falls or fear of falling. Many perceive moving and residing in an assisted living community as losing independence but it actually helps you maintain independence and regain it. They help with the hard things and allow people to enjoy life in a safe environment while limiting worries.

Stay active and engaged

  • Exercise regularly
  • Pursue hobbies and interests
  • Learn new things to promote mental growth and stimulation
  • Socializing helps take away feelings of isolation previously experienced while living alone.

Communicate preferences and needs

  • Share routines
  • Request assistance when needed
  • Participate in meetings
  • Advocate for yourself

Develop a sense of community 

  • Attend social and informational events
  • Form connections with other residents, staff and advocacy groups
  • Reconnect with those who you have lost touch with
  • Know your rights
  • Stay connected with family and friends

Other ways to promote independence 

  • Bring personal items. Keep the environment consistent with personal history
  • Focus on personal strengths
  • Form links with outside communities and groups
  • Continue to travel