Many assume that a loved one needs to be placed in a memory care facility when they have been diagnosed with or show signs of dementia. This is not always the case. Warm Valley Lodge offers support to those with memory loss in a safe environment with staff available 24/7. Although memory care facilities are specially designed for those with dementia, assisted living can be utilized until the memory impairment is significant enough to require continuous and more extensive supervision and/or support. Change can be very difficult, so introducing a new living setting sooner is best. This gives an individual an opportunity to adjust to the new people routines and surroundings.

Our RN’s are highly experienced in many areas of care and have the opportunity to learn specific details about each resident and are always attentive to changes. Care plans are customized to best support residents in remaining independent and safe. Memory care facilities have staff that are specially trained in dementia with an RN on floor eight hours per day. It also offers additional safety features such as locked units, while we don’t have locked units, Warm Valley Lodge has an updated camera system and alarm doors that can be utilized if someone is having momentary difficulty and needs extra monitoring or support.

Assisted living and Memory Care facilities offer many of the same services that can be helpful for those living with memory loss. Warm Valley Lodge offers a wide range of activities, both scheduled and spontaneous that cater to every resident. One on one activities can be utilized for those who prefer smaller groups and for those who need extra support during difficult periods. These activities give residents opportunities for socialization, to show their individuality and their creativity.