Did you know?

Moving into Assisted Living can actually make a person’s quality of life significantly better.

The 2016 Family Quality of Life Survey showed that, when a person moved into assisted living, 73% of families reported improvement in their loved one’s quality of life. This included nutrition, social well-being ,and physical health.

 Are you or a loved one experiencing any of the following?

  • Frequent falling with or without injury
  • Difficulty preparing nutritious meals
  • Having more difficulty with bathing and or dressing
  • Needing more help managing medications
  • Having feelings of loneliness or depression

If so, it may be time to consider your options: Respite care or a new home?

Warm Valley Lodge offers both options.

Respite Care: When assistance is only needed temporarily

Anyone 18 or older who needs assistance with daily living activities may be eligible to stay in our Respite Suite.

Respite care can serve a number of valuable functions:

  • A person needing extra help while recovering from an illness, joint replacement or stroke.
  • The primary caregiver needs to travel or needs an opportunity to “recharge their batteries”
  • When a family is deciding whether an assisted living community is the right option

New Home: One or two bedroom suite

  • 3 nutritious home cooked meals
  • 24-hour nursing staff and  medication management
  • Housekeeping, laundry and apartment maintenance
  • Activities for mind, body and spirit
  • Massage suite and spa, massage chair and exercise programs