Warm Valley Lodge: Assisted living as it should be

Assisted Living • Life Celebrated • Independence Respected

Who is eligible?
All new residents to Warm Valley Lodge must either be able to show proof of having completed vaccination against COVID-19 or must consent to Warm Valley Lodge arranging for such vaccination before entry. Anyone 18 years or older that is in need of minimal assistance with daily living care, with an intention and ability to live independently in a safe environment, may apply for admission.

What costs are associated with Assisted Living?
Costs include all meals, housekeeping service and nursing assistance if needed. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure a room. Call us for current pricing or for further information. 307-455-2645

My dad/mom needs help with medications. Can you help with that?
Yes. We have a licensed nurse that sets up medications, reorders medications and obtains new prescriptions through your relative’s medical doctor.

Do you accept payment from Medicaid?
To receive payment from Medicaid, you must first apply for the Medicaid Waiver. Then, once approved you will have to pay room and board as Medicaid only covers assistance with daily living activities. Call for current pricing.

What is the Respite and Short Term Care program?
Respite Care is available for someone undergoing rehabilitation or recovering from an illness, fall or joint replacement. This care is also available when a family caregiver needs to travel. It also provides an opportunity for a prospective resident to “try out” and see if assisted living is right for them.

What does it take to qualify for residence?
Being 18 years or older and needing assistance with cooking, cleaning, bathing and taking medications.

What is the admission process?
An assessment is done by your medical provider to determine that you are medically stable. Also your provider will get a physical at the time with a complete list of your medications. Once that is complete we discuss a move in date.

As my loved one ages and is able to do less for themselves, what happens then?
Precise and accurate charting is done whenever a resident shows evidence of a physical or physiological change. Once it is established that this is the resident’s new level or care, their functional status is evaluated. It is then determined whether assisted living is the appropriate level of care.

May I bring my own car?
Yes, and there is ample parking for vehicles. However, due to current COVID-19 policies, residents must request permission to leave the facility in their own cars, and activities outside Warm Valley Lodge are restricted for safety reasons. Please see the Visitation Policies page and contact us for more detailed information.