Warm Valley Lodge: Assisted living as it should be

Assisted Living • Life Celebrated • Independence Respected


Is Assisted Living right for me or my loved one?

Anyone who needs minimal assistance with activities of daily living is a good candidate. This includes those who need a little extra help around the house or with managing their medications. Many people wait too long for many different reasons and unfortunately miss their opportunity to enter assisted living, thus requiring nursing home care. Our staff can discuss your situation and give you more information. Please speak to your providers to see if assisted living would be a good option for you. **Dementia clause.

Are the rooms and/or bathrooms shared or private?

Each apartment has at least one bedroom, a living room/kitchenette area, and a private bathroom with walk in shower. Each apartment houses one person unless two people choose to live together (i.e., married couples).

How much does assisted living cost and how do I pay for it?

Costs are as low as $4,900 per month with all services included except for transportation out of the Dubois area.

Medicare does not pay for assisted living, but Medicaid does have a program that pays for a portion of the costs. If you become eligible for this program, WVL will work with you for the remaining portion of your rent. 

Long term care insurance also covers assisted living expenses but please call your insurance company to get all the information.

What kind of services are offered?

Assistance with personal care with a CNA on staff 24 hours per day and an RN on call. WVL provides three meals per day, housekeeping, personal and other laundry services. A safe, clean environment, assistance with local transportation, assistance with obtaining medical care and assistance with medications. We offer many different recreational activities both inside and outside of WVL. WVL staff will meet with you and discuss what services would be best for you. 

Can myself or a loved one stay for a short period of time instead of long term?

Yes. Short term care is an option at WVL for those who are in need. This includes people who are recovering from illness or injury or if a caregiver is unable to do so due to travel or other personal reasons. This care is called Respite care and costs $185 per day and includes all services offered.

Do I lose my independence?

No! WVL respects your independence and encourages you to maintain it. We focus on person centered care, so everyone’s needs and preferences are met. Our staff is trained to assist you in ways that respect you in every way.

How do I apply?

Call our office anytime to start the process. We will answer all your questions and refer you to the appropriate places as needed. Our staff will need to meet you in person, and we look forward to it! Our administration staff is available Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm.