Warm Valley Lodge Admission Criteria

Residents must meet and maintain admission criteria established by Wyoming Department of Health Aging Division and Warm Valley Lodge. Based on an assessment completed by Warm Valley Lodge’s RNs, the Administrator will make the determination of acceptance and/or retention of residents.

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Age/Health Requirements:
  • The Resident’s general health status is stable.
  • The Resident is 18 years of age or older.
  • The Resident does not require more than part-time or intermittent health related care.
  • The Resident is not bed-bound
Capable of Self-Preservation:
  • The Resident is able to remove self from danger in case of fire, high winds/tornado or other environmental emergency with only verbal cueing.
  • The Resident is able and willing to use our Urgent Response System, or Pull Cords.
Independent in Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s):
  • The Resident is able to dress, feed, bath, toilet and transfer own self with minimal assistance.
  • The Resident is able to perform his or her own perineal care and maintain personal hygiene with minimal assistance.
Management of Incontinence:
  • The Resident is able to manage bowel or bladder incontinence through the use of pads or other incontinence measures independently.
  • The Resident will supply his/her own incontinence material.
  • The Resident is able to independently care for his or her colostomy, ileostomy or catheter safely and adequately. 
  • The Resident may receive help from a Home Health Agency in caring for his or her catheter, colostomy or ileostomy.  Odors resulting from the use of such devices are unacceptable.
Independent Mobility:
  • The Resident is able to ambulate independently, with a cane or with a walker without assistance.
  • The Resident is able to self-propel a wheelchair.
  • The Resident is able to bear weight and stand to transfer self from wheelchair to bed or automobile with stand by assistance.
  • Electric wheelchair and motorized scooters are not permissible.
  • The Resident is able to feed him or herself independently.
  • The Resident is able to eat all or most meals with minimal alteration to the preparations of the food.
  • The Resident will eat all meals in the dining room unless illness is present (i.e. flu symptoms).
  • Diabetic diets will be honored.  No renal & low sodium diets will be accommodated.
  • The Resident will administer his/her medications with the order of a physician. The Resident may choose to have Warm Valley Lodge. Assist with his/her medications. All medications will be assisted by trained/licensed Warm Valley Lodge  personnel.
  • The Resident is able to monitor his or her own oxygen.
  • The Resident, if insulin dependent, is able to manage and administer his or her own injection.
  • The Resident does not abusively use medications, illegal drugs or alcohol.
  • The resident is able to participate in his or her own planning, coordinating and decision-making regarding personal schedules, health and welfare.  The Resident may need, and is willing to respond to, service and direction from employees/physician.
  • The Resident is able to function adequately within the community without a threat of harm to self or others.
  • The Resident is able to relate appropriately with other Residents.
  • The Resident is not physically abusive or verbally offensive to other Residents, staff or visitors.
  • The Resident does not display behavior that places another Resident at risk.
  • The Resident is not confused on a frequent or constant basis.  The Resident is able to accept and respond to re-direction.
  • The resident that attempts elopement, wanders, is sexually, physically, or verbally aggressive or abusive, despite intervention, is inappropriate for residency.Final decision as to whether a Resident may be admitted or remain in facility rests with the Administrator.

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