Three Helpful Ideas and Videos To Finding A Quality Care Facility For Your Elderly Relative

Sometimes for financial or health reasons, it is time for your aging parents or relative to make their way to a managed care facility. This can be a stressful time, and there are many decisions to be made.

Find a quality care facility for your loved one with these helpful tips (and videos)

Find a quality care facility for your loved one with these helpful tips (and videos)

Research and open discussion is going to be the key to finding the best home for your loved one.

Assisted Living Center, Nursing Home or Residential Home Care?

Usually, it will boil down to a few choices depending on your situation. Assisted living, nursing homes or home care are what most are thinking about. To learn more about each of these, we have include Three Videos just below this article. Be sure to take a look.

TIP 1: Make A List

Write down those things that are important for both you and your parent or parents.

You will each have specific things that you are looking for in their new home. Cost is going to be one of the most important aspects for most people. Things like location, size, and amenities should also be considered. Be sure to be ready to listen to your parent. While you will definitely have things you think are extremely important, they will be the ones actually living in the new environment.

Now it is time to make the a list of care facilities you are going to look at. Take the top couple items on your list and try to find every home that will fit within those guidelines. If it is a little short, you may want to have a back-up list of places that are just outside the range you decided on. If you do not find exactly what you want on the first list, this back up will be invaluable in helping widen your selection.

TIP 2: Look Into The Care Facility

To narrow this initial list, do your research. Look into the background on these facilities. Have they been investigated for a poor standard of care? Are the necessary licenses being obtained and updated? What is the tone of the reviews written by residents and relatives? Any red flags raised here means that the facility is not worth a visit.

Hopefully by now you’ve gotten your primary list down to half a dozen or so. If it is too long, just start with your favorites and work your way down. If you only have one or two, it’s time to look at your back-up list.

TIP 3: Make A Point To Visit Your Top 3 Care Facilities

If your parents have trouble getting around, you may want to make this initial visit with your siblings or one of their close friends. The point of this first visit is to meet the employees and get a general feel for the facility. This is a good time to ask about anything you are concerned about and to check to make sure the items on your list will be taken care of adequately.

Finally, it is decision time. Don’t be afraid to make a second visit to one or two of the facilities if you can’t make up your mind. While it isn’t always possible, it is a good idea to try to give your parent a chance to visit as well before a final decision is made. Make sure everyone has a chance to speak their mind. Be ready to compromise on minor details to make sure the important items are covered. It might mean a longer trip for visits or a few less extras.

Choosing an elder care facility is a difficult process. Even worse, the decision is often made in less than ideal circumstances. Persevere and you can be confident that you are making the right decision!

Here are those Three excellent videos that answer the Care Facility Questions you may have.

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