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“I love it here! I don’t have to worry about anything. We have wonderful meals and great people and lots of things to do; I am not eating frozen dinners and watching TV. Dubois is lucky to have Warm Valley Lodge.”

-Faye H.

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There’s remarkable freedom in retaining your independence without the heavy physical, psychological and financial burdens of home maintenance and living alone.

Most people underestimate how much money they spend on food each month, and forget about all the miscellaneous expenses that crop up. Mentally, we simply add up rent or the mortgage and utilities, guess on how much we spend on eating, and come up with a figure that’s not accurate.

Assisted living costs include all basic living expenses such as rent, utilities and food–but also includes 24-hour security services, housekeeping, health monitoring services, lawn care, property taxes and insurance, trash removal, repairs and maintenance, and the most frequent things people forget to include-social activities and entertainment.

In fact, many seniors living at home cut back on entertainment as a way to save money.

Take a moment and use our Comparision Chart to total your current monthly living expenses. Simply click the image below to download this as a convenient PDF document. Compare this figure to what is included in your monthly fee.

We think you’ll be surprised!

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