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“I love it here! I don’t have to worry about anything. We have wonderful meals and great people and lots of things to do; I am not eating frozen dinners and watching TV. Dubois is lucky to have Warm Valley Lodge.”

-Faye H.

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What Is Assisted Living at Warm Valley Lodge?

More About About Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Warm Valley Lodge is liberating.

Residents get to free themselves from the constant burdens of home maintenance, meal preparation and laundry services, and instead devote their time to the pursuit of friendships and participation in the social activities offered, including games, fishing, gardening, sight-seeing drives, shopping excursions, special guest speakers, nature walks along the river, musical performances and much more.

Unlike a nursing home, where residents require constant medical supervision and cannot safely live by themselves, the assistance in living provided by Warm Valley Lodge enables residents to access medical care and supervision when needed, but never in an intrusive or unwanted manner.

Simply put, our licensed healthcare facility with 24-hour care, medication management and security is always available if you want or need it—it’s not the focus of your life here.

Warm Valley Lodge is located right next door to the Dubois Medical Clinic and Duffy Fitness Center and Physical Therapy, so professional care is always nearby.

The vast majority of residents have their medical needs conveniently addressed here. In the event that hospitalization is required, residents are taken by ambulance to Jackson, Lander or Riverton.

Assisted living at Warm Valley Lodge means there’s easy access to what you need in the midst of everything you want. Residents enjoy their ability to maintain their independence, individuality and privacy, while having access to an engaged community.

Trained medical staff members are onsite at all times, but you can maintain your privacy similar to as if living at a standard apartment complex—only there’s nothing “standard” about the people or place of Warm Valley Lodge.


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Improve quality of life & life expectancy
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