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The Differences Between Assisted Living and Nursing Homes

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The definition of assisted livingUnderstanding Assisted Living: Definition

In recent years, the concept of assisted living has become an extremely popular option for both elderly individuals and couples seeking a place to live that offers medical monitoring and minor medical care while still providing personal privacy and independence in a safe environment.

Today, there are more than 36,000 assisted living facilities in the United States, each licensed and regulated at the State level.

This article discusses an assisted living definition to help you understand what it’s all about.

What Is Assisted Living? This Great Video Explains

The wonderful video above, Assisted Living Definition and Video Description was created by David Besnette. You can find him on youtube.

Assisted living at Warm Valley Lodge in Dubois means becoming a resident of Wyoming’s newest such facility that offers the highest level of personal care and assistance with daily living activities while still providing as much personal freedom as desired. Residents of Warm Valley Lodge become part of their own special community within the facility, often with long-time friends from the same town. Although trained staff are always available at the Lodge, residents will have nearly the same amount of privacy as they would within a standard apartment complex.

Definition Of Assisted Living: What Is It?

Assisted living is for seniors whose health requires some assistance with the activities of daily living but do not require intensive care. The heart of the Warm Valley Lodge Assisted Living Facility is the degree of care each resident has available to them. In addition to the trained medical staff who are on hand 24 hours each day, an overnight observation room is also available when additional care is needed. Assisted living differs from nursing homes in that nursing home residents require a much higher level of care around the clock.

Warm Valley Lodge Assisted Living Facility: Features

Residents at assisted living facilities are mobile, but without the responsibilities of home maintenance. At Warm Valley Lodge, healthy, nutritious meals are provided three times daily, and a snack bar is available for after-hours appetites. Housekeeping, laundry services, mail delivery, and a beauty salon are provided. Residents have a wide choice of daily activities in which to participate, but only if they choose to do so. Such activities at Warm Valley Lodge include games, sight-seeing drives, shopping excursions, special guest speakers, leisurely walks along the Wind River, and visiting musical groups.

How Many People Are Staying In Assisted Living Facilities?

At the present time, more than one million people live in assisted living facilities. The majority of these facilities are private pay, since Medicare does not pay for long-term options with the custodial care assisted living provides. There are some benefits available for veterans, however.

Assisted Living Definition VS Nursing Homes

The primary difference between assisted living and nursing homes is that nursing home residents require constant medical supervision and are not capable of living independently anymore. They also may be eligible for Medicare. Assisted living residents do not require as much medical attention and are capable of handling most daily living on their own. They have the security of medical supervision, as well as social interaction with other residents in the same facility.

We hope you found this definition of Assisted Living informative. If you have any questions, we are more than willing to help answer them.

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