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“I love it here! I don’t have to worry about anything. We have wonderful meals and great people and lots of things to do; I am not eating frozen dinners and watching TV. Dubois is lucky to have Warm Valley Lodge.”

-Faye H.

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Fun Activities at Warm Valley Lodge

Warm Valley Lodge Activities

Where the Fun, Adventure and Comfort Never Grows Old

One of the very real advantages of assisted living at Warm Valley Lodge is that it frees up your time to do more of the things you enjoy while our staff take care of the things you don’t (cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc).

You deserve a chance to have some fun, and that’s something that’s never in short supply around here.

Our activities director packs the schedule with a variety of opportunities to enjoy spending time with your friends here.

The list of activities is constantly growing and changing, but some of the social opportunities provided include:


• Game night (Bingo & Bunco)
• Library listening center (Books & Music)
• Computer classes with the librarian
• Book club
• Jig saw puzzles
• Word games at meal time
• Arts & crafts
• Knitting and Crochet
• Cooking and Holiday recipe cooking classes


• Exercise with Duffy’s Fitness Center (3 days a week)
• Fresh Nutritious food from our “5 Star Kitchen”
• Massage & body work in the Spa
• Whirlpool
• Stretching & Brain Gym
• River walks
• Wii Bowling
• Hair care appointments
• Foot care with our health care staff
• Nutrition classes with the nutritionist


• Movie and popcorn nights
• Visiting musician concerts
• Friday Happy Hour
• Bible study and contemplation
• Wildlife watching
• Shopping trips
• Holiday celebrations
• Baking and decorating holiday cookies
• Birthday celebrations