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About Warm Valley Lodge

About Warm Valley Lodge

Warm Valley Lodge in Dubois is Wyoming’s newest licensed assisted living community.

At Warm Valley Lodge, we have a passion for nurturing the independence and well-being of seniors, and it shows. Many of our residents embrace their independence and seek to take advantage of the social activities offered. They value their relationships with their neighbors and enjoy getting to know each other and contributing to each others’ lives.

We are located in a spectacular mountain setting on the banks of the Wind River. We have exceptional 24-hour licensed medical care, world class views and hometown  hospitality — the hallmark of our community.

You are enthusiastically invited to come see and experience it for yourself.

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Multiple Sclerosis | A Holistic Approach

Holistic Clinic To Help Those With MS Warm Valley Lodge & Mountain Sage Holistic Clinic Presents a discussion on Multiple Sclerosis ~ a Holistic Approach With Tracy Baum, FNP, ABAAHP You are invited to join us Thursday, March 5th2015 At 10:00 am The Lodge Pole Room at the Warm Valley Lodge Those living with MS and/or care givers are welcome to join us! Please RSVP ~ 307-455-2645...

People With MS | Independence Maintained

Individuals with MS, Parkinsons or Brain Injuries are eligible for residency at Warm Valley Lodge Assisted Living (Dubois, Wyo.) – Many people assume that an “assisted living” center is a place for elderly residents in the twilight of their lives. Many people are wrong. Qualification of residency at Dubois, Wyoming’s Warm Valley Lodge isn’t based on age; it’s based on need. That is why Warm Valley Lodge is such a perfect fit for 53 year old Renay Baldes, who moved into the Warm Valley Lodge in April. It’s hard to catch up with Warm Valley Lodge resident Renay Baldes. This summer she attended square dances, concerts, and rodeos. At the Lodge she enjoys the river walk, computer classes, and has rekindled her love of knitting. She enjoys watching movies, Bible study and entertaining friends and family in her apartment which overlooks the Wind River and has a beautiful view of Whiskey Mountain. “And I’m busier here than ever,” she said. When people hear the term “assisted living” they often think of something more like a nursing home, where people in the last years of their life spend much of their time in bed or sitting quietly. Renay is originally from Lander, Wyoming and moved to Ft. Collins, Colorado in 1990 where she raised her three children. In June 1998 Renay was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Friends tried to prepare her, saying she’d eventually need help and likely wouldn’t be able to live on her own. Renay knew she’d want to stay as independent as possible. It was hard to imagine not living in her home. As her disease progressed she...

Long Term Care At Warm Valley Lodge

10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day- a trend that will continue for the next 15 years 
It’s Time to Talk About Long-Term Care (Dubois, Wyo.) – It’s the thing we all think about, but don’t want to talk about. If disability, illness, or old age leaves a loved one or ourselves unable to live independently, where will we find care? November is Long-Term-Care Awareness Month, which provides the perfect opportunity to share ideas for extended care with family members over the holiday season. With advances in technology and health care people are living longer than ever before. About 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day- a trend that will continue for the next 15 years. Of people 65 and older, 70 percent will likely need long-term care. It’s likely you and individuals that you love are going to need care one day. It’s not too early to start planning, whether for yourself, or friends and family members. As you start thinking about long-term care here is an easy list of things to consider. • What are your values and beliefs? • What do you want for yourself? • Do you know what your loved one’s desire 
 is down the road if they need long-term care? • Who do you want as the decision maker? Talking about long-term care is important for adults of all ages. It might feel uncomfortable to share your vision, but sometimes talking about what you want will inspire others to make their own plan. And thinking about long-term care isn’t just about how you would like to live. It might also include your role...

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